Company Profile

Artemis Global Life Sciences Limited (AGLSL), (formerly known as PTL Projects Limited.) was incorporated as a company in 2011.

The name of the company was changed to Artemis Global Life Sciences Limited vide resolution dated December 08, 2015 and a fresh certificate of incorporation was obtained on  December 29th, 2015.

AGLSL is engaged in the business of buying, selling, managing, improving, maintaining, taking on lease, promoting, administer, own or run hospital(s), clinics, nursing homes, dispensaries, maternity homes, old age homes, health resorts and health clubs, polyclinics, medical centres, child welfare and family planning centres, diagnostic centres, all types of laboratories for carrying on investigation, x-ray, CAT scan, ECG and medical research and provision of all kinds of medical and health services and equipments.

AGLSL is the holding company of Artemis Health Sciences Ltd. In 2007, a state-of-the art tertiary care hospital called Artemis Health Institute (AHI) was established in Gurgaon. The super specialties of AHI focus on Cardiovascular, Oncology, Orthopedics and Minimal Invasive Surgery in additional to others. Artemis offers to its patients, a technology-backed world –class healthcare delivered by leading medical professionals with certifications of international medical bodies.

AGLSL has following subsidiaries-
– Artemis Health Sciences Limited
Business – Healthcare
– Artemis Medicare Services Limited
Business – Healthcare
– Athena Eduspark Limited
Business – Education